Kenrick-Glennon Society

Growing in fellowship with my brother seminarians is a wonderful experience. I am thankful for the fraternity of the Seminary community and the support we receive from the Kenrick-Glennon Society.Patrick Russell, Theology I

Kenrick-Glennon Seminary receives financial support from a variety of sources including tuition, endowments, special appeals and bequests. One of the most important sources of support for Kenrick-Glennon is individuals and companies that make regular gifts to offset the operating expenses of the Seminary. The quality of the program and the excellence of the candidates for the priesthood depend on a spiritual and intellectual environment of the highest caliber.

How You Can Help

If you would like to become involved with the education and formation of our future priests, please consider becoming a member of the Kenrick-Glennon Society by making a gift of $100 or more to the Seminary. Members of the Kenrick-Glennon Society make a financial commitment to our seminarians at a level of their choosing.

By joining the Kenrick-Glennon Society, you become a part of our mission of teaching, sanctifying and leading young men on a path of spiritual growth, maturity and prayer.  All members of the Kenrick-Glennon Society are remembered in the daily prayers of the seminarians.

Please prayerfully consider making your gift today at one of the following levels.

  • Friend of the Seminary: $100 – 249
  • Seminary Benefactor: $250 – 499
  • Seminarian Sponsor: $500 – 999
  • Rector’s Circle: $1000 – 4999
  • Saint Louis Circle: $5000+

Please call 314-792-7435 to find out more about the Kenrick-Glennon Society or click here to join the Society today.

Prayer for Vocations
Lord Jesus, give the abundance of your life to all the people, especially young men and women, whom you call to your service; enlighten them in their choices; help them in difficulties; sustain them in faith; make them ready and courageous in offering their lives, following your example, so that others may have life. Amen.

-Saint Pope John Paul II