Financial Information

Cardinal Glennon College 2015-2016

Financial Information for Sending Dioceses

Seminarians attending Cardinal Glennon College undertake their studies in a generous and faithful response to a perceived call to the priesthood and with a desire to eventually minister in the Catholic Church. The sponsoring diocese or religious order affirms and supports each seminarian in this discernment and formation to that priestly call by providing substantial financial aid to assist in meeting his educational, formation and living expenses. All Cardinal Glennon College seminarians live at the seminary. As freshmen and sophomores, seminarians fulfill many of their core requirements at Saint Louis University, where they are dually enrolled. Juniors and seniors attend all their classes at Cardinal Glennon College. All seminarians fulfill all their Theology, Philosophy, Latin, and Greek requirements at Cardinal Glennon College.

Archbishop’s Scholarship

For many years, seminarians from the Archdiocese of Saint Louis have received a grant of $10,000 per year to assist with the cost of their education for their first two years at Saint Louis University. Beginning in the 2012-13 academic year, Cardinal Glennon College is pleased to announce that seminarians from other dioceses will be eligible for this scholarship. The Archbishop’s Scholarship will be awarded to seminarians who are men of promising academic competence. Priority will be given to seminarians whose dioceses currently send men to Kenrick School of Theology or those that may do so in the future.

Tuition, Room & Board, and Other Fees for Cardinal Glennon College

Freshmen and Sophomores Total per Year Juniors and Seniors Total per Year
SLU Tuition $38,700 CGC Tuition $18,950
(SLU 25% Seminarian Discount) -($9,680)
(Archbishop’s Scholarship) -($12,000)
Sub-Total $17,020
CGC Room & Board +11,200  CGC Room & Board +$11,200
CGC Formation Fee +$1,100  CGC Formation Fee + $1,100
Total: $29,320  Total:  $31,250


Basic costs for any given semester, not including registration fees, are refunded after the first $100.00 according to the following:

Departure within 10 academic days:  50%
Departure within 20 academic days:  20%
Departure within 30 academic days:  10%
Departure after 30 academic days:    No refund

All charges are subject to change.

Students studying for the Archdiocese of Saint Louis should contact the business office for financial terms. Fees, tuition, room and board are payable at the opening day of registration each semester. Checks should be made out to Kenrick-Glennon Seminary for all charges.

Kenrick-Glennon Seminary is an approved institution for Veteran’s Educational Benefits and is also eligible to apply for Insured Loans to Students in Institutions of Higher Education.