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5200 Glennon Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63119
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Main Telephone Number: 314-792-6100
Fax: 314-792-6500
For questions or comments about the website, please contact:

Phone Number Email Address
Fr. James Mason
 (314) 792-6136
Fr. Christopher Martin
Vice Rector for Cardinal Glennon College
 (314) 792-6128
Msgr. Gregory Mikesch
Vice Rector for Formation
Director of Pre-Theology Program
 (314) 792-6119
Fr. Paul Hoesing
Dean of Seminarians
(314) 792-6132
Dr. Ed Hogan
Academic Dean
(314) 792-6157
Ms. Mary Ann Aubin
Director of the Library
(314) 792-6302
Mrs. Catherine Hayek
Registrar for Cardinal Glennon College
(314) 792-6108
Deacon Carl Sommer
Registrar for Kenrick School of Theology
(314) 792-6140
Fr. Jason Schumer
Director of Worship
(314) 792-6134
Mrs. Kate Guyol Sauerburger
Director of Development
(314) 792-7435
Mr. Greg Novak
Director of Operations and Finance
(314) 792-6221
Fr. Christopher Martin
Vocation Director for the
Archdiocese of Saint Louis
(314) 792-6462