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Cardinal Glennon College-SLU Undergraduate Curriculum

B.A. in Philosophy: 120 Total Credit Hours

Philosophy      36 credit hours

Intro to Philosophy, Logic and Epistemology, Philosophy of Nature, Philosophical Anthropology, Metaphysics, Natural Theology, Ethics, Political Philosophy, History of Philosophy (Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Contemporary), and Philosophy Synthesis

Theology      12 credit hours

Catholic Doctrine, Catholic Morality, Liturgy and Sacraments, Introduction to Scripture, and Christian Prayer

Languages*      12 credit hours

Latin (12 credit hours)

Composition, Literature, and Communications      15 credit hours

Composition (6 credit hours)

**Literature (6 credit hours)

Communications (3 credit hours)

Mathematics and Sciences      15 credit hours

Mathematics (3 credit hours)

Science (12 credit hours including a minimum of 3 credit hours in each of the following: Natural Science, Psychology, and Social Science)

History      9 credit hours

Western Civilization (6 credit hours)

**History elective (3 credit hours)

Fine Arts      6 credit hours

Catechetical Methods      1 credit hour

Electives      14 credit hours

*An applicant who has studied Latin and/or Greek and can demonstrate proficiency in the language may receive 3 credit hours and an exemption from the language requirement.

** Option: 6 credits of Modern Language or 6 credits of Math/Science may be substituted for one Literature and one History elective requirement.