Outcomes and Assessment

Pre-Theology Program
Goals & Objectives

Year One: Pastoral Formation

Goal:: The program will provide a foundation to prepare seminarians for parish ministry. Student Learning Outcomes: Seminarians are growing in the capacity to be a presence of the Church and Christ in relating to others with pastoral charity.

Artifacts: Pastor’s evaluations of Pre-Theology II seminarians; self-evaluation

Year Two: Intellectual Formation

Goal: The program will help prepare seminarians for theological study through the study of philosophy and introductory theological courses. Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Candidates have knowledge of the major branches of historical and systematic, especially Thomistic philosophy, and the ability to think philosophically and communicate clearly.

Artifacts: Evaluation of Capstone

Project or any second year paper/focus group questions at the end of Theology I.

2. Candidates have developed the habits and commitment that support lifelong learning.

Artifacts: Self-evaluations/Peer evaluations

Year Three: Human and Spiritual Formation

Goal: The program will help candidates grow in human relations and in communion with Christ, in order to become apt instruments of Christ’s grace to others. Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Candidates have acquired a level of affective maturity and intimacy with Christ that leads to sufficient self-awareness and self-mastery for the freedom to give themselves in service to others.

         Artifacts: Formation advisor report/Peer evaluations/Self-evaluations