Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Alden Bass
Lecturer in  Latin
C.T., B.A.,  2005 Yale University
M.T.S., 2007 Vanderbilt Divinity School
Ph.D., 2014 Saint Louis University
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Rev. Msgr. John Borcic
Lecturer in Personal Finance
B.S., 1968 St. Louis University
M.A.(T), 1973 Saint Louis University

Dr. David S. Brown
Lecturer in Philosophy
B.A., 1991 Gordon College
M.A., 1993 University of Houston
Ph.D., 2006 University of Toronto
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Mr. Andrew Chronister
Lecturer in Greek
B.A., 2009 University of Notre Dame
M.T.S., 2011 University of Notre Dame
Ph.D., (in progress), Saint Louis University
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Rev. Eric Fechner
Lecturer in Deacon Practicum
B.S., 1982 University of Missouri-Rolla
M.S., 1985 University of Missouri-Rolla
M.Div., 1991 Kenrick-Glennon Seminary
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Rev. Msgr. Vernon Gardin
Lecturer in Theology
B.A., 1967 Cardinal Glennon College
M.Div., M.A., 1971 Saint Louis University
M.S., 1979 Saint Louis University
Ph.D., 1981 Saint Louis University
License in Psychology, 1983
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Rev. Michael Giesler
Lecturer in Scripture
B.A., 1966 University of Notre Dame
M.A., 1970 University of Navarre
S.T.D., 1971 University of Navarre
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Dr. Michael Hardwick
Lecturer in Scripture
B.A., 1974 Wofford College
M.Div., 1978 Asbury Theological Seminary
Ph.D., 1987 Hebrew Union College
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Dr. James Hitchcock
Lecturer in History
B.A., 1960 Saint Louis University
M.A., 1962 Princeton University
Ph.D., 1965 Princeton University
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Mr. Louis Jobst
Lecturer in English Literature
M.A., 1972 St. Louis University
B.A., 1970 University of Missouri-St. Louis
Dr. Thomas Madden
Lecturer in History
B.A., 1986 University of New Mexico
M.A., 1990 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ph.D., 1993 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Dr. Germaine Murray
Lecturer in Literature
B.A., 1982 Creighton University
M.A. 1984 Creighton University
Ph.D., 1991 Saint Louis University
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Rev. Paul Niemann
Lecturer in Priest Practicum
M.Div., M.A., 1980 Kenrick School of Theology
Doctor of Ministry, 1996 Catholic Theological Union
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Rev. David Nerbun
Lecturer in Moral Theology
B.C.E., 2005 Catholic University of America
B.Phil, 2006 Pontifical College Josephinum
S.T.B., Pontifical University of the Holy Cross
S.T.L., 2014 John Paul II Institute of Marriage & Family at the Catholic University of America
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Dr. Noel Pretila
Lecturer in Patristics
B.S., 1995 Oral Roberts University
M.B.A., 1997 Texas Christian University
Th.M., 2006 Dallas Theological Seminary
Ph.D., 2012 Saint Louis University
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Rev. Kevin Schroeder
Deacon Practicum
B.A., 2004 Cardinal Glennon College Seminary
M.A., M.Div., 2008 Kenrick School of Theology

Mr. Carl Sommer
Lecturer in Church History & Patristics
B.S., School of the Ozarks
Certificate of Completion of Pre-Theology Program, Conception Seminary College
M.A., 1997 Aquinas Institute of Theology
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Rev. Kevin Stephens, O.P.
Lecturer in Scripture
B.A., 1992 University of Denver
M.A., M.Div., 2008 Aquinas Institute of Theology
S.S.B., 2009 Pontifical Biblical Commission
S.S.L., 2012 Pontifical Biblical Commission
Doctoral Candidate, 2013, ‘Ecole Biblique et Arch’eologique de Jerusalem
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Dr. Joseph Steineger
B.A., 2003 University of Kansas
M.A., 2005University of Kansas
M.A., 2007 University of Chicago
Ph.D., 2014 University of Chicago
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Rev. James Swetnam, S.J.
Lecturer in Scripture
B.A., 1951 Saint Louis University
M.A., L.Phil., 1952 Saint Louis University
S.T.L., 1960 Saint Mary’s College, School of Divinity of Saint Louis University
L.S.S., 1962 Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome
D.Phil, 1981 University of Oxford
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 Ms. Lina Tacaks
Lecturer in Spanish
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Sr. Adriane Torrisi
Lecturer in Religious Education
B.A., Kean College of New Jersey
M.M., Temple University
D.M.A., University of Southern California
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Rev. Don Wester
Lecturer in Homiletics
B.A., M.Div., D. Min.
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Canon Michael Weiner
Lecturer in Liturgy