Kenrick-Glennon Society

Priestly joy is deeply bound up with God’s holy and faithful people … for baptizing and confirming them, healing and sanctifying them, blessing, comforting and evangelizing them.Pope Francis

In their prayer, studies, service and parish ministry, our seminarians bring the joy of the Gospel to the lives of many. You can help form these men into true witnesses of joy as a member of the Kenrick-Glennon Society. Members of the Society support the education and training of our future priests whose ministry will bear fruit in our parishes, schools and apostolates.

Your prayers and sacrificial gifts enable our seminarians to sow the seeds of joy in the hearts of the people they will serve as priests.

Your Commitment to the Seminarians

If you would like to support the education and formation of our future priests, please consider becoming a member of the Kenrick-Glennon Society with a gift of $100 or more to the seminary. A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated. Your annual contribution will touch the lives of our seminarians each day – days filled with study, prayer, ministry and the joy of the Gospel. Please prayerfully consider making your gift today.

Giving Levels

Friend of the Seminary: $100 – 249
Seminary Benefactor: $250 – 499
Seminarian Sponsor: $500 – 999
Rector’s Circle: $1000 – 4999
Saint Louis Circle: $5000+

Please call 314-792-7435 to find out more about the Kenrick-Glennon Society or click here to join the Society today.

Witnesses of Joy

The seminarians of Kenrick-Glennon witness the joy of the Gospel every day. Responding to Christ’s subtle promptings, dedicated young men from dioceses and religious orders throughout the Midwest come to St. Louis for their priestly formation. The priests, faculty and staff at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary prepare these men for a lifetime of joyful ministry.

In addition to taking philosophy and theology classes, seminarians serve in nursing homes, schools, soup kitchens and parishes throughout the Archdiocese of St. Louis. In each of these settings, they spread the joy of the Gospel to people in need.

Our Gratitude

Those who make a sacrificial gift to the Kenrick-Glennon Society are remembered in the daily prayers of the seminarians. They also receive the seminary publication, The Herald, and invitations to special events where they can get to know the seminarians and experience the true joy of the Kenrick-Glennon community firsthand.

Lord Jesus, give the abundance of your life to all the people, especially young men and women, whom you call to your service; enlighten them in their choices; help them in difficulties; sustain them in faith; make them ready and courageous in offering their lives, following your example, so that others may have life. Amen.St. Pope John Paul II