Intellectual Formation

DSC00370Intellectual Formation is centered on deepening each candidate’s knowledge of the Divine Mysteries of the Catholic Faith through a systematic, organic, and dynamically orthodox method of Catholic philosophy and theology. Acquiring a knowledge of Jesus Christ through personal encounter and study, the seminarian will be ready to share and teach the Catholic Faith for the salvation of his brothers and sisters. (Kenrick-Glennon Mission Statement)

Because of the intimate bond between the study of theology and the search for truth within philosophy “it is essential that seminarians develop an understanding of the relationship between faith and reason and the relationship and interaction between philosophy and theology.” (PPF, n. 153).  This study prepares seminarians for the study of theology and also provides tools to engage the philosophical issues and questions of contemporary society, thereby equipping them for the evangelization of culture. (PPF 155).

Pre-theologians are to accumulate 35 hours of philosophy and 12 hours of theology. Because of the importance of a strong grounding in philosophy, the Pre-Theology program extends for two years (PPF, n. 185). The philosophical curriculum must include the study of the history of philosophy (ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary), logic, epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of nature, natural theology, anthropology, and ethics (PPF, n. 186). In addition, a minimum of 12 semester hours is required in theology. (PPF, n. 187) Knowledge of Latin is recommended (PPF, n. 187). See Pre-Theology Curriculum for details of the intellectual formation program.