The Pre-Theology Program of Kenrick School of Theology responds to the need of students to prepare for theological study while adapting to a seminary environment (Pastores Dabo Vobis, #62). As a preparatory component to the seminary program, the Pre-Theology Program integrates the seminary’s goals into its formation program. Ordinarily, those students who have not completed thirty (30) hours of philosophy and twelve (12) hours of theology are admitted to the Pre-Theology Program.

Classes in philosophy and theology are taken through Cardinal Glennon College which is fully accredited. In the event that a reasonable amount of this requirement has been met, students may be admitted provisionally to the Theology I program, with the understanding that entrance requirements will be met within three semesters.

Two years of Pre-Theology are normally recommended for students who enter the program with no philosophy or theology credits.

The admissions process for the Pre-Theology Program is the same as for the Theology Program. (See Theology Admissions)