Student Services and Resources

THURSDAY, JULY 30, 2015 - Daniel is a seminarian at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. ©Photo by Jerry Naunheim Jr.

The students of Kenrick-Glennon Seminary are the sole constituency served by its programs. With the faculty, they constitute a community of faith and learning, focused on preparation for the priestly ministry in the Church. All full-time students at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary must be sponsored by a diocese or religious community. Admissions policies and procedures are outlined in the description of each credential program. A fuller treatment of these is available in the Admissions Handbook. Kenrick regularly reviews the quality of applicants admitted to its programs, and seeks to develop strategies for enhancing the overall quality of its student population.

Policies regarding students’ rights and responsibilities, as well as the code of discipline or rule of life, are clearly identified and published in the Student Handbook. Kenrick assesses annually the appropriateness, adequacy, and use of student services, for the purpose of overall improvement. Kenrick maintains adequate student records regarding admission materials, course work attempted and completed, student evaluations, and other areas as needed. Kenrick ensures the security of its files, and maintains appropriate backups of electronic data. Student Consumer Information is available here.

 Financial Aid

See  Financial Aid Services.

 Writing Center

Writing support is available from the Writing Center where students proficient in writing offer assistance to any student who desires it. The Director of the Library coordinates the Writing Center and is also happy to assist any student with his writing, either general questions or proof-reading of papers.


The seminary employs tutors or coordinates the use of peer-tutors to assist seminarians in need of academic assistance.

 Psychological and Counseling Services

Counseling is available for seminarians in the school of theology through an on-site full time licensed counselor (who also serves as Professor of Pastoral Counseling). A part-time licensed counselor for the college is available on site on a weekly basis. The seminary also provides referral to outside counseling services as needed.

International Student Services

Kenrick-Glennon Seminary has an on-site staff person (Coordinator of International Student Services) responsible for services to international students which includes help with immigration issues, inculturation, and the meeting of basic needs.   The seminary also employs an English Language tutor for international students who have basic English skills, but simply need help in one specific area.  International Seminarians who need full time English tutoring have the opportunity to attend St. Louis University or the University of Missouri at St. Louis, depending on their specific needs.

 Student Life Association

The Student Life Association of Kenrick School of Theology and the Seminarian Council of Cardinal Glennon College serve the students of the school by facilitating open communication between the students and the Administration, and among the students themselves. They operate through a number of standing committees, and participate in the planning and execution of monthly house meetings in which both students and administrators participate. It is a principal means for the coordination of student contributed services to the seminary.

 Instructional Technology Resources

Kenrick-Glennon Seminary has an IT support technician who is on hand to provide students with technical resources and support. The IT Educational Technologist has over eight years of professional experience in IT and holds degrees in Networking Technology and a Master’s in Education with a focus on eLearning and Technology Education. He is supported by a group of experienced and trained IT network professionals at the Archdiocese Office of Information Technology. The network is housed at the Archdiocese Rigali Center and offers internet resources and services, including a high-speed connection. Students are provided with a state of the art computer lab and wireless access to the Internet throughout the campus.  Edvance360 Learning Management System: Kenrick has implemented Edvance360 as its learning management system. This enhances the students learning experience by giving them access to resources more efficiently. Students are able to download resources from course instructors and visit community pages to find information.


The Charles L. Souvay C.M. Library holds over 90,000 items with strengths in theology, philosophy, canon law, history, biography and the arts. The collection includes books,  journals, CDs and DVDs. As a member of the statewide MOBIUS library consortium, the library provides seminarians with easy access to an additional 25 million volumes. A seminarian simply makes an online request on the MOBIUS catalog and the book is usually delivered within 3 working days. The library also offers a range of electronic databases including numerous full-text  journals in theology, philosophy and other disciplines. The library space provides study carrels (some with computers), small group study rooms, and comfortable reading areas. Seminarians read and study surrounded by 33 images of the Church Doctors by local artist Anne Torrini. Two professional librarians and two library staff are available to assist seminarians with their research needs. For a full description of the library collections visit the Charles Souvay Library Collections page or to access library resources, visit the library web site.

Campus Housing

All full-time students of Kenrick-Glennon Seminary are required to live on campus, unless they are participating in a parochial internship experience or live within their religious community. Each residential student is assigned his own room, equipped with a desk, desk chair, desk lamp, reading chair, bookcase, bed, closet and private sink area. Seminarians in the School of Theology live in suite style dorm rooms and share an adjacent bathroom with shower with another seminarian. Collegians have individual dorm rooms with shared bathroom facilities. At his own expense, the student is permitted additional furnishings within reason, though physical changes to his living quarters should be done only with permission of the Vice Rector for Formation. Each student is expected to furnish his own towels and linens.Students should afford themselves a variety of clothing proper to seasonal weather, both dress and casual as stipulated in the Student Handbook.

Amenities –

Bookstore: The Kenrick-Glennon Student Store is a service operated by the students of the seminary on a voluntary basis, primarily for the sale of textbooks. On an occasional basis, the store also handles the sale of other items. There is also a student run online store for apparel with the Seminary logo.

Devotional areas: In addition to our chapels, there are various places on the grounds of the seminary where one may foster their spiritual life and spend a moment in prayerful quiet, including a Lourdes’ grotto, a St. Joseph garden, and an outdoor Stations of the Cross.

Dining Room: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in the seminary dining room from Monday through Saturday. Breakfast and dinner are served on Sundays. The conversation and interaction which occurs at table encourages fraternity among the seminarians, and regular attendance is highly emphasized for this reason.

Kapaun Student Center: Named for one of our distinguished alumni who served as an army chaplain and whose cause for canonization has been opened, the Father Emil Kapaun Student Center houses the student lounges, the bookstore and a well-equipped gym with free weights, weight machines and cardio equipment. Seminarians may store their bicycles within this facility. An outdoor sitting area and grills are also available.

Laundry: Kenrick provides self-service laundry facilities throughout the residential areas for the use of the seminarians free of charge. Since they are equipped with “high efficiency” machines, residents should use compatible detergent.

Parking: Kenrick provides parking space for student cars, but accepts neither legal nor financial responsibility for cars parked on its premises, nor for the contents of these cars. Students who park in areas other than those assigned are subject to fines.

Recreation areas: Kenrick has an outdoor fenced court for basketball/tennis/volleyball, an indoor basketball court, handball/racquetball courts, and an outdoor swimming pool. Two sports fields are also available.

Student Kitchen: To build greater fraternity among the men and give them an opportunity to offer hospitality to guests, a student kitchen is located above the faculty wing. Since it is accessible only through the residential areas, those hosting meals with guests should follow guidelines stipulated in the Student Handbook. An outdoor furnished patio adjoins the kitchen and has a grill available for use.