Adjunct Faculty

Rev. Fadi Auro
Lecturer of Philosophy
B.A., 2003 Christendom College
Ph.L., 2008 Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome
M.A. and M.Div., 2012 Kenrick School of Theology

Dr. David S. Brown
Lecturer of Philosophy
B.A., 1991 Gordon College
M.A., 1993 University of Houston
Ph.D., 2006 University of Toronto
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Rev. Michael Giesler
Lecturer of Sacred Scripture
B.A., 1966 University of Notre Dame
M.A., 1970 University of Navarre
S.T.D., 1971 University of Navarre
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Rev. Paul Hamilton
Lecturer of Philosophy
M.A. and M.Div., 2014 Kenrick School of Theology

Dr. Michael Hardwick
Lecturer of Scripture
B.A., 1974 Wofford College
M.Div., 1978 Asbury Theological Seminary
Ph.D., 1987 Hebrew Union College
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Dr. Blake Hartung
Lecturer of Greek Lanuage
B.A., 2009 John Brown University
M.A., 2011 St. Louis University
Ph.D., 2017 St. Louis University
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Dr. James Hitchcock
Lecturer of History
B.A., 1960 Saint Louis University
M.A., 1962 Princeton University
Ph.D., 1965 Princeton University
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Rev. Craig Holway
Lecturer of Deacon Practicum
M.A. and M.Div., 2010 Kenrick School of Theollogy

Mr. Louis Jobst
Lecturer of English Literature
B.A., 1970 University of Missouri-St. Louis
M.A., 1972 St. Louis University
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Rev. Scott Jones
Lecturer of History
B.A., 1988 University of Northern Iowa
M.A., 1993 University of Northern Iowa
Ph.D., 1998 University of Arkansas
M.Div., 2003 Franciscan School of Theology
D.Min., 2013 University of Saint Mary of the Lake
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Mr. Vaughn Kohler
Lecturer of Writing & Communications
B.A., 1995 Wheaton College
M.Div., 2002 Southern Seminary
M.A., 2012 Kansas State University
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Dr. Thomas Madden
Lecturer of History
B.A., 1986 University of New Mexico
M.A., 1990 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ph.D., 1993 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Dr. Javier Orozco
Lecturer of Pastoral Theology (Hispanic Ministry)
B.A., 1991 The Catholic University of America
M.A., 1992 The Catholic University of America
S.T.B., 1995 University of St. Mary of the Lake
Ph.D., 2008 Loyola University Chicago
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Mrs. Bonnie Sabin
Lecturer of Spanish Language
B.A., 1973 St. Louis University
M.A., 2003 St. Louis University
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Rev. Nicholas Smith
Lecturer of English Literature
M.A., 1987 St. Louis University
M.Div., 1994 Kenrick-Glennon Seminary
M.A., 1994 Kenrick-Glennon Seminary
M.A., 2013 St. Louis University
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Rev. James Swetnam, S.J.
Scholar in Residence
Lecturer of Sacred Scripture
B.A., 1951 Saint Louis University
M.A., L.Phil., 1952 Saint Louis University
S.T.L., 1960 Saint Mary’s College, School of Divinity of Saint Louis University
L.S.S., 1962 Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome
D.Phil, 1981 University of Oxford
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Sr. Adriane Torrisi
Lecturer of Religious Education
B.A., 1985 Kean University of New Jersey
M.M., 1988 Temple University
D.M.A., 1996 University of Southern California
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Rev. Don Wester
Lecturer of Homiletics
B.A.,  1972 Harris Teacher’s College
M.Div., 1978 Kenrick School of Theology
D. Min., 2004 Aquinas Institute of Theology
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Adjunct Formation Advisors

Fr. Michael Boehm
In Residence, St. Michael the Archangel (Shrewsbury)

Rev. Mr. Charles Durban
Part-time Formation Consultant for Cardinal Glennon College

Msgr. Vernon Gardin
Pastor, Immacolata (Richmond Heights)

Fr. Bill Kempf
Pastor, St. Justin Martyr (Sunset Hills)

Fr. Aaron Nord
In Residence, Mary, Queen of Peace (Webster Groves)

Fr. Joe Post
Pastor, Immaculate Conception (Union)

Msgr. Joe Simon
Rector, Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

Fr. Jim Theby
Pastor, Our Lady of Lourdes (Washington)

Fr. Anthony Yates
Pastor, St. Francis of Assisi (Oakville)

Adjunct Spiritual Directors

Fr. Charlie Burgoon
Retired, Regina Cleri (Shrewsbury)

Fr. Michael Giesler
Chaplain, Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei (Kirkwood)

Fr. John Khien Luu, S.V.D.
Society of the Divine Word, Resurrection of Our Lord ( St. Louis)